Posted on: 20th Jul 2019

How to Prepare General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

While speaking to a number of students, one common thing I figured out was that most of the students kept Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English language as their top priority, ignoring one of the most scoring section i.e. General Knowledge for the entrance exam. In any competitive exam, approximately 25% of the paper features GK based questions. One of the main reasons for extra focus on these general awareness questions is to help the students to score higher in lesser time. This further helps in group discussions and interviews.

As I was collecting information on important topics to be covered under General Knowledge Questions are:

Physical Geography

Indian and World Geography

International Organizations

Everyday Science

Indian Economy

Awards and Honors


Current affairs

Oh Student, it’s a long list. So how can one prepare for such a wide syllabus, the answer is hard work, determination, and discipline. All these three key factors will help you pass out with flying colors. Start with a pre-planned and focused approach. GK and current affairs section are one whose preparation should begin well in advance. There isn’t a horizon for this section where you can end. Organized strategy and proper planning will assist you in covering major topics.

You can start with reading newspapers, it is very important to keep an eagle’s eye on what’s happening not only in the country but around the world for at least the last 2 weeks. You will need to keep a track of domestic and international news. It’s also important to have a good glance what’s happening locally; here your local newspaper might come handy. Newspapers like the Telegraph, The Hindu are highly recommended. “Lucent’s General Knowledge” and “Manorma Book of the Year” are fantastic general knowledge books that would be good for practice.

News channels are a good source of information. Primetime shows on BBC and NDTV will help you know what’s trending. Watching proceedings of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on Doordarshan could help you to track current affairs discussed and members view on the same. Maintaining a journal is always advisable. Keep writing important dates, events, and notes and then time to time keep revisiting your notes. As we know that a lot of activities are happening in the nation and around the world, and it’s not easy to remember everything, so its always a fantastic idea to maintain a notebook of current events.

Internet is the best teacher. If you fall short of time and can’t keep your information updated through newspapers then Wikipedia and Google can give you elaborate information. Follow the Twitter and Facebook pages of online GK and current affairs group. Mobile apps are also handy tools. Online quizzes and mock test of the educational website are good to practice your general knowledge and check your performance level regular. It will help to boost your confidence and morale. It gives you assurance that you are prepared well.

Effective strategies and a strong presence of mind will help you achieve success.